Seamless Design-to-Delivery Enterprise SaaS Platform for Today’s Architects and Interior Designers

NARACI is a Bangalore based interior design software company. Our cloud-based platform helps interior designers and architects accelerate their project deliveries with great panache.

With NARACI, you don’t have to use four to five different software applications to complete your project. You can send quotations, do your sketches, 2D, 3D Modeling, 3D visualizing, working drawing, and machine drawing without switching different applications.

While NARACI has the expertise to help you handle design complexities, we bring an all-in-one tool, that you won’t find elsewhere. Our easy-to-use platform is designed to uphold the highest design standards and deliver on your promises to clients.

Experience the NARACI Way

free hand sketching

Free Hand Sketching

  • Transfer engineer’s abstract world to the real world in 2D and 3D
free hand sketching


  • Plan raw material purchases and requirements
  • Estimate the cost of material
  • Set up a system of inventory control
  • Reduce wastage by creating a supply chain by mechanism
free hand sketching


  • Increase the understanding of your project
  • Ascertain actual quantities required to be communicated to suppliers
  • Define the basic scope of work in line with drawings and specification
  • Get a clear idea about the contract price
  • Offer a basis for valuation or variation
free hand sketching

High Quality Automated Renders

free hand sketching

Accurate Pricing Tool


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