7 Ways NARACI Provides Value to Interior Designers

Over the last decade, architects and interior designers have felt the burning need to have a one-stop destination for all their project needs. From planning and estimating raw material purchases to using a customizable design library – NARACI is a wholesome interior design software company.

Based in Bengaluru, NARACI offers a cloud-based platform that lets architects and interior designers bolster their project deliveries with flair. It cuts through the chase of working on multiple software applications to meet your business goals.

You don’t need to have a lot on your mind, simply sit back and create 3D modeling, work on your drawing plan, design a floor plan and do much more with NARACI. No more hassle of managing different software applications!

NARACI is making waves in the design industry by becoming the go-to interior design software. Here are 7 ways that NARACI helps you in getting the best out of your investment and steering your business to new heights of success:

Crossover Software

crossover software

In older days, interior designing would require subsequent steps that involved drafting, 2D plans, then 3D plans followed by visualization in the third dimension and the working model, all done on different software. But with NARACI, all these tasks can be achieved under one platform, without having you switch between applications. Isn’t it a great relief from the back and forth of exporting and importing files?



For its versatility, NARACI is preferred by an increasing number of designers. With an emphasis on interior design 3D and ease of use, the platform seamlessly transfers an engineer’s abstract world to the real one. It also allows you to set up a system of inventory control and reduce wastage by creating a supply chain by mechanism. NARACI is like an umbrella with all your project needs under one roof. 

SaaS Platform

Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, NARACI is cost-effective, it enables you to scale a solution with evolving needs and routinely saves your data so you can pick up where you left off without any worry.

Flexibility and Creativity

flexibility and creativity

In today’s world, time is money. You could be a vivid artist with immense talent, but if you are unable to transition your ideas into a 3D visualization interior design or a working drawing plan within the committed timeline, you could land yourself in an unfavorable situation.

With NARACI, you can transform your wonderful creations into renders within a few seconds. Hold on, there’s more. You can also create working drawings, quotations, BOM/BOQs right away.


NARACI offers real-time rendering. This gives you the power to show quick results if your client works on tight deadlines. We understand the importance of rendering an ambitious design within a short turn-around time that can make your dream design come to life. 


When using NARACI, you are at complete freedom to send out customized quotes to your clients along with a working drawing of the proposed designs. Your credibility soars higher when you are able to ascertain actual quantities required to be communicated to suppliers, define the basic scope of work in line with drawings and specifications, get a clear idea about the contract price and offer a basis for valuation or variation.

Libraries and Catalogs

libraries and catalogs

NARACI’s customizable design library and catalogs extend a wide variety of resources. One of its game-changing features is the ability to customize library items according to the dimensions of your choosing.

Don’t forget to add your own flair to the design as NARACI has the flexibility to let you include your own components, too. Create your own reality from your imagination as NARACI has got you covered.

With an array of options and functionalities to choose from, NARACI is a thoughtful choice for home design online, interior design sketches, 3D modeling and more to meet your interior designing and architectural plans. No need to go from one software to another and exhaust yourself by exporting and importing files – NARACI is here to take care of it all.


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